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The Global Standard of Excellence in Treasury
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Beacon FinTrain is an Official Learning Partner with AFP® for MENA Region

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Join more than 23,000 Certified Treasury Professional all over the world

We introduce this program
exclusively through

Mina Nasif

Who do train this course since 2006
between 12 countries in MENA region

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The Certified Treasury Professional

The globally recognized corporate treasury credential endorse by AFP U.S.

This is the most effective preparation program in the middle east that introduced in a bilingual style (اللغة العربية and English) it gives you the knowledge needed to handle trending Treasury and Financial risk challenges.


The Certified Treasury Professional® (CTP) designation sets the global standard in the finance profession and is a symbol of excellence.


  1. Higher salaries. Earn up to 16% more than your non-certified peers.
  2. Increases job security. Validates your competency in liquidity, capital and risk management functions.
  3. Better career flexibility. Prepares you for greater on-the-job responsibilities.
  4. Improves marketability. Stand out against other applicants in a tough job market.
  5. Boosts relevancy. Stay current in the profession with continuing education requirements.
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The role of corporate treasury continues to evolve from purely operational to becoming a trusted strategic resource to company leaders across the enterprise.
The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) certification serves as a benchmark of competency in the corporate finance profession, and is recognized as the leading credential in corporate treasury worldwide. 


We are advising and using during classes the official Exam Preparation Platform
of the AFP to grant the highest passing rate.

The CTP Exam Prep Platform is the preferred study resource for the CTP Exam and is based on the test specifications for the 2020 - 2022 windows.
This fully digital and interactive platform contains study materials, evaluations, sample questions and customized progress tracking.

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  • Built-In Instructor-Led Training - NEW
  • Pre-Evaluation and Post
  • Evaluation
  • Mobile Friendly - NEW
  • Practice Exams
  • Progress Reports - NEW
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  • Integrated with AFP Collaborate - NEW
  • Knowledge Checks - NEW
  • Case Studies
  • Resource Center - NEW
  • Flashcards

5 Training Methods That You Can Choose From

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Live Class

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Digital Training

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Digital Training + Boot Camp

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Is Certified Treasury Professional Worth the Effort ?


Listen to our E-Learning Chapter One 6th Edition



Headquartered outside of Washington, D.C. and located regionally in Singapore, the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) is the professional society committed to advancing the success of treasury and finance members and their organizations.

AFP established and administers the Certified Treasury Professional and Certified Corporate FP&A Professional credentials, which set standards of excellence in treasury and finance. Each year, AFP hosts the largest networking conference worldwide for more than 7,000 corporate financial professionals. 


CHAPTER 1: Role of Treasury Management
  • The Role and Organization of Treasury Management
  • Finance and Treasury Organization
  • Corporate Governance
CHAPTER 2: Legal, Regulatory, and Tax Environment
  • General Regulatory Environment
  • Financial Regulatory Regime
  • National/Regional Approaches to Legislation and Regulation
  • Tax Considerations for Treasury
  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency Laws
  • Trends in Regulation
CHAPTER 3: Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Financial Institutions: Functions and Services
CHAPTER 4: Payment Instruments and Systems
  • Payment Overview
  • Payment Instruments
  • Payment Systems
CHAPTER 5: Money Markets
  • Money Market Participants
  • Money Market Instruments
CHAPTER 6: Capital Markets
  • Structure of the Capital Markets
  • Debt Market
  • Equity Market
CHAPTER 7: Relationship Management and FSP Selection
  • Bank Relationship Management
  • FSP Selection
  • Assessing the Risks of FSPs
CHAPTER 8: Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Uses of Financial Statements
  • Accounting Concepts and Standards
  • Financial Statement Reporting
  • Accounting for Derivatives, Hedges, and Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Accounting for Governmental and Not-for-Profit (G/NFP) Organizations
CHAPTER 9: Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Time Value of Money
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Budgeting
  • Cost Behavior
  • Financial Statement Analysis
CHAPTER 10: Introduction to Working Capital
  • The Link between Cash and Working Capital
  • Components of the Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC)
  • How Changes in Current Balance Sheet Accounts Impact External Financing
  • Strategies for Investing in and Financing Working Capital
  • Management of Trade Credit and Accounts Receivable (A/R)
  • Management of Inventory
  • Management of Accounts Payable (A/P)
  • International Working Capital Management Tools
CHAPTER 11: Working Capital Metrics
  • Fundamental Working Capital Metrics
  • The Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC)
  • Calculations for Trade Credit Decisions
  • Accounts Receivable (A/R) Monitoring
CHAPTER 12: Disbursements, Collection, and Concentration
  • Disbursements
  • Collections
  • Concentration of Funds
CHAPTER 13: Short-Term Investing and Borrowing
  • Managing Short-Term Investments
  • Pricing and Yields on Short-Term Investments
  • Managing Short-Term Borrowing
  • Debt Financing
  • Market Information for Investors and Borrowers
CHAPTER 14: Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Purpose of Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Types of Forecasts
  • Forecasting Process
  • Forecasting Methods
  • Best Practices in Cash Flow Forecasting
CHAPTER 15: Technology in Treasury
  • Information Technology for Treasury
  • Treasury Management Systems (TMSs)
  • Project Management
  • Communications and Technology Developments
CHAPTER 16: Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Management
  • Categories of Risk
  • Techniques Used to Measure Risk
  • Managing Insurable Risks
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
CHAPTER 17: Financial Risk Management
  • Types of Financial Risk
  • Managing Financial Risk
  • Derivative Instruments as Financial Risk Management Tools
  • Managing Interest Rate Exposure
  • Managing Foreign Exchange (FX) Exposure
  • Managing Commodity Price Exposure
  • Accounting and Tax Implications of Financial Risk Management
  • Hedging Policy Statement
CHAPTER 18: Treasury Policies and Procedures
  • Overview of Treasury Policies and Procedures
  • Creating a Treasury Policy Document
  • Overview of Key Treasury Policies
CHAPTER 19: Long Term Investments
  • Valuation of Capital Market Securities
  • Managing Capital Market Investments
CHAPTER 20: Capital Structure Decision and Management
  • Capital Structure
  • Raising Long-Term Capital
  • Managing Long-Term Capital
  • Alternative Financing








Listen to Treasury Industry Leaders & Clients Feedback

Dive in a Great Learning Experiences Now 

Medhat Zeidan , CTP
Head of Liquidity & Portfolio Management
Global Transactions Banking- Banque du Caire

Wael Attallah, MBA
Finance Director
Evergrow For Specialty Fertilizers

Yasmine Aziz
Business Development Manager - Global Transaction Banking
Banque du Caire

Dr. Ahmed Assaf, MBA, DBA
Branch Manager

Abeer El-Sherif
Executive Manager - Large Corporate
National Bank of Kuwait

Marwa Nabil , CTP
Head of Debt & Corporate Finance
Attijariwafa Bank

Yasmin Sabry
Treasury Specialst
Cemex Egypt

Mina I. Nasif, CTP, CPT, ACI DC, AMCT
Speaking about  How to study CTP,
what is the plan and what should you expect. 

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