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Welcome to the future of finance, the new age of Robo-finance and FinTech products.

Beacon FinTech believe that companies and banks those who won’t go for new age of connection and Treasury Management Solutions, will end up with lack of knowledge, high informative float and wasting several opportunities.

That is why we did sign our exclusive referral partnering agreement with largest TMS globally  and American provider, FIS Global.

FIS is a SWIFT partner and on of top 500 fortune company and member of Standard and Poor’s 500 index, plus more than 50 years of market existence in more 70 countries.

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The treasury, risk and cash management solutions help meet the emerging challenges of today’s treasurer by driving automation, visibility and collaboration, those technologies became available in MEA banks.

Technology is always changing, but as much as things change, the central technology within treasury is the calculation and processing power of the treasury management system (TMS).

TMS software has been at the forefront of driving the automation of treasury functions, straight-through processing and integration with other systems to the harmonization of enterprise technology.

In order to reduce the need for customization, the choice of TMS should focus on the most appropriate option to fit the specific business requirements of an organization, now and into the future.

This overview includes a section containing responses provided by several TMS vendors

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